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Treat Your Teeth Well This Thanksgiving
Posted on 11/22/2016

Treat Your Teeth Well This Thanksgiving

A plate of traditional Thanksgiving food.As holiday season comes into full swing, here at Macon Smiles, we are dedicated to making sure that your smile remains healthy and beautiful. Our commitment to your oral health knows no bounds, so we are here to offer some helpful and healthy Thanksgiving tips for your teeth. 

Appetize Your Smile

Some great appetizers that are tooth-friendly for Thanksgiving day are cheese, raw veggies and nuts. While the main course is being prepared, present your guests with cheese cubes, mixed nuts and an assortment of vegetables with dipping sauce to snack on. Cheese is an excellent source of calcium used to building the strength of your teeth. The consumption of nuts allows the mouth to produce extra saliva, which helps to ward off germs and prevents decay. Along with nuts, vegetables also produce a lot saliva to cleanse the mouth of bacteria.

Feast Your Eyes On These Pearly Whites

One dish to include in your main course this Thanksgiving is green beans sauteed in sesame oil. Sesame oil has been proven to reduce the effects of plaque and even, in some cases, to reverse the effects of gingivitis. Another great option to include in your main course is orange vegetables, like pumpkin, carrot and squash which contain ample amounts of vitamin A. Vitamin A is used to form tooth enamel, which is great for oral health. Another great addition to your Thanksgiving dishes is onion. Although this vegetable isn’t great for the state of your breath, it is superb at combating bacteria that harm your teeth and gums.

Sweet Tooth Fix

A simple, yet delicious seasonal dessert to offer your family and friends this Thanksgiving is fresh pear slices with honey yogurt dip. Slice your favorite assortment of pears and serve this fruit with a dip made by mixing a cup of plain Greek yogurt, two tablespoons of honey and a pinch of ground cinnamon. All these ingredients are great for maintaining good oral health. Pears have exhibited neutralizing acid properties and calcium helps strengthen and remineralize teeth, while honey is a natural antiseptic.

Contact Macon, GA Dentist

If you want more information about how to have a teeth-friendly Thanksgiving, please feel free to reach out and call us at (478) 757-8714 or visit our contact page.  These healthy tips prove that there are ways to enjoy a tasty Thanksgiving, without jeopardizing your beautiful smile