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Pediatric Dentistry in Macon, GA

Child Smiling

At MaconSmiles, we're proud to help patients throughout the Macon, Forsyth, & Lizella, GA areas achieve beautiful smiles that

 last a lifetime. Dr. Shah and our highly-trained team work closely with patients to design personalized, effective treatment plans, and we work hard to help our patients achieve a great smile over the long-term – and it all starts with early dental care.

The Teething Process

Your child's first tooth will usually erupt when they're six months to a year old. This begins the teething process, which can cause soreness, tenderness, and irritability until age 3. It's normal for children to get cranky from the pain, so if your child has sore gums, try rubbing them gently with a clean finger, a cold spoon, or a wet washcloth. You can also use teething rings, but never teething biscuits, as these contain sugar which can cause dental decay.

How to Prevent Baby Bottle Decay

One of the most important things to look for during the teething process is baby bottle decay, a type of dental decay that can

 come from bottle feeding. You can spot baby bottle decay by looking for white lines or dull spots on your child's teeth – if you see anything of that nature, call us and let us know.

Preventing baby bottle decay is vital to helping your child develop a great smile. Here are some important steps you can take to prevent baby bottle decay:

  • Only give your child a pacifier or bottle of water to sleep – never let them sleep while drinking a bottle of milk.

  • Regularly (every two weeks) examine your child's teeth for white lines or marks.

  • Breastfeed your child when they sleep instead of using a bottle.

The Importance of Baby Teeth

Ultimately, your child's baby teeth – also called primary teeth – will fall out and be replaced by the permanent (adult) teeth.

 However, while they may be temporary, caring for your child's baby teeth is vitally important. The primary teeth play a critical role in dental development, helping your child learn to talk, chew, and acting as guides when the permanent teeth grow in.

In some cases, a child may lose a primary tooth prematurely. This isn't generally a problem, but it does mean your child will need a space maintainer to keep the gap open for the permanent tooth. We can fit your child with a space maintainer at our office, helping to ensure healthy dental development for your child.

About Your First Visit with Us

Your child's first pediatric dental appointment should happen right around when they turn 1. This visit is less about treatment and more about starting the process of caring for your child's teeth – it's a chance for Dr. Shah to examine your child's first teeth and mouth, get familiar with you and your child, and help your child get used to the experience of dental appointments. Starting this process early is the best way to ensure healthy dental development for your child.

Why Diet Matters for Dental Health

Contrary to what most parents believe, your child's diet has a serious impact on their dental health. Many snacks that children like are full of sugar and carbohydrates, both of which can cause cavities over time. Instead of sugary or carb-heavy snacks, try to feed your child healthy foods like vegetables, yogurt, and low-fat cheese. These foods promote both dental and bodily health, helping to set a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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A lifelong healthy smile starts with early dental care – and if you're ready to help your child develop a great smile, we're here to help. Call us today at (478) 757-8714 with any questions or to schedule a dental checkup for your child. We're excited to meet your child and help them develop a great smile!

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