Tips for Eating with New Dentures

Tips for Eating With Dentures
Posted on 04/17/2019
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Make Eating with Dentures Easy!

For many people, losing their teeth is just a part of getting older. For others, poor dental hygiene or a traumatic injury may have led to dental loss. Whatever the reason, the most common solution is dentures. These replace missing teeth and are meant to look as natural as possible. Unfortunately, dentures don’t always feel very natural to first-time wearers. Thankfully there are solutions.

Choose Soft Foods

Colgate recommends starting out slow. Try to eat only soft foods in the beginning. You may want to try cutting foods into thin strips or bite-sized pieces to make them easier to chew. It’s also a good idea to abstain from foods that are hard or sticky in the beginning.

Include More Liquids

If chewing soft foods still feels too uncomfortable, take it down a notch to liquids and semi-liquids. This may include juice, applesauce, soup or cereal. However, beware of hot liquids. The insulating material of dentures may make it difficult for you to judge how hot or cold food is.

Use the Eye Teeth

Otherwise known as canines, your “eye teeth” are best for biting when you have dentures in. If you bite into foods using your front teeth, especially hard foods, you may cause the dentures to move around. This could irritate your gums over time and lead to soreness.

Introduce Hard Foods

You can’t live on a diet of liquids and soft foods forever. At some point, you’ll need to reintroduce harder foods. Do so slowly. Remember to chew on both sides of the mouth when you do to maintain even pressure. If there is more pressure in one spot than others, your gums may become sore.

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