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Oral Cancer Awareness: What You Should Know

Oral Cancer Awareness: What You Should Know
Posted on 04/12/2021

It’s possible that you haven’t heard about oral cancer—but that’s not because people aren’t dying every day as a result of oral cancer and related conditions. While it may not get as much coverage as some of the more talked about cancers, oral cancer kills thousands every year, at a rate of about one person per hour every day. Here at MaconSmiles we believe that awareness of the symptoms and willingness to get a screening is one of the most important ways to prevent oral cancer, so we are promoting Oral Cancer Awareness Month this April. Learn more about Oral Cancer Awareness month below and why it's so important that more people know about this deadly disease and how to stop it.

What Is Oral Cancer

This Oral Cancer Awareness Month we are doing everything we can to raise awareness of the symptoms and prevention methods for oral cancer. Part of what makes oral cancer so deadly is that it often does not show itself with severe symptoms like many other cancers do. One would think that oral cancer would be easy to spot given the exposed nature of the mouth, but our mouths actually provide cover for oral cancer in many cases. Nodes, growths, and tumors in the mouth often go undetected until it is too late to do anything about them, which is why we are asking patients to get screened for oral cancer this Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

How To Get Screened For Oral Cancer

The easiest and best way to get screened for oral cancer this Oral Cancer Awareness Month is to pay a visit to your local dentist and have a trained medical professional check your mouth for symptoms of oral cancer. Here at MaconSmiles, your local dentist in Macon, GA, we offer free screenings every time you pay a visit to our office. The screenings are quick, painless, and most importantly, they could prevent you from developing a dangerous mouth cancer. Make sure to tell your friends and family about Oral Cancer Awareness Month this April and get yourself screened at least twice a year.

Visit Your Local Dentist in Macon, GA

Whether you are young or old, if you have a family history of oral cancer or not, there is nothing to lose by getting screened for oral cancer. Here at MaconSmiles we will check your mouth quickly but thoroughly during your visit to our office, to see if you have any signs of developing oral cancer. Don’t delay—oral cancer is deadly, even if we don’t hear about it every day. Contact MaconSmiles today to schedule an appointment to get screened for Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

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