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Cosmetic Dentist in North Macon

Cosmetic Dentist in North Macon
Posted on 12/27/2021

Cavities are not just a concern of the sugar-toothed youth, but can affect patients of any age, often developing without symptoms until they reach the nerves inside the tooth and become very painful! Macon Smiles treats patients in North Macon of all ages, providing laser dental treatment, restorative dentistry, early treatment, and a range of cosmetic procedures in addition to general cleanings. Find out why adults tend to get cavities, and how we treat them effectively.

Cavities in Adults

Adults are just as capable of getting cavities as children are. There is some notion that adults are more on top of their oral hygiene than kids and teens, but that doesn’t stop the occasional issue, or cavity, from cropping up.

Bacteria are responsible for cavities, and these bacteria can grow out of control for a few different reasons.

  • Improper brushing and flossing lead to plaque buildup on the teeth.
  • Eating too many sugary, starchy foods, such as soda, bread, pasta, milk, and juice.
  • Receding gums can expose parts of the teeth that are much more vulnerable to cavities.

Preventing Cavities

Preventing cavities begins with carefully tending to your basic oral hygiene, brushing and flossing gently but thoroughly, and reaching every single spot. Double down on cavity prevention with a fluoride mouthwash, and avoid frequent snacking throughout the day. Having your teeth in near-constant contact with food and beverage is a recipe for bacterial overgrowth and cavity formation. Visiting your doctor for regular cleanings is the best way to ensure you aren’t missing any significant areas while brushing, and that you don’t have any cavities that need treatment.

Treating Cavities

When cavities do show up, we treat them by filling them. A numbing gel is applied to the gums so that a local anesthetic can be injected, then a specialized laser is used to precisely remove the decayed part of the tooth. The hole is usually filled in with tooth-colored composite resin, but silver amalgam is sometimes used.

Contact your Dentist Today

If you suspect you might have a cavity or pre-cavity, don’t hesitate to get it looked at by a professional! Request an appointment at Macon Smiles for a full consultation today, and contact us if you have any questions.

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