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Will Flossing Help Bad Breath?
Posted on 11/16/2017

Will Flossing Help Bad Breath?

Will Flossing Help Bad Breath?

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At MaconSmiles, our mission is to help our patients maintain strong overall oral and dental health. We're proud to offer a variety of quality dental treatment to patients throughout the Macon, GA area, and we can help to treat a variety of dental problems – including bad breath. But treating bad breath, also called halitosis, usually requires more than just in-office care. Patients often ask us what they can do at home to fight bad breath – and one of the most common questions is whether flossing will help with bad breath.

How Flossing Effects Bad Breath

Put simply, the answer here is a resounding yes: flossing your teeth will help to minimize bad breath. This happens for a number of reasons: flossing helps control plaque between the teeth, fights bacteria in the gums, and removes tiny food particles that get trapped between the teeth. So how do these functions control bad breath? To answer that, we need to understand what causes bad breath in the first place.

Bad breath arises from the interaction of bacteria in the mouth with residual food particles. The bacteria break these particles down into acids, releasing gases as a byproduct of that process. It's these gases that cause bad breath.

When you floss, you disrupt the growth of bacteria between the teeth, stimulate blood flow to the gums that helps to fight bacteria in and under the gums, and also knock loose any food particles stuck between the teeth. In combination, all three of these effects help to limit bad breath. Both by attacking the bacteria themselves and eliminating the food particles they break down to cause bad breath, regularly brushing and flossing your teeth can help control bad breath and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Contact Your Macon, GA Dentist

Flossing should be a regular part of your at-home oral hygiene, and if you're experiencing more bad breath than normal, it may be time to increase your flossing regimen. However, if you experience severe bad breath that doesn't seem to go away with oral hygiene, that may be a sign of a more serious problem. Feel free to contact us with any questions on flossing, bad breath, or oral health in general. We look forward to helping you maintain a beautiful smile – and helping you keep your breath fresher in the process!