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4 Reasons Why Zoom! Teeth Whitening is a Great Gift

4 Reasons Why Zoom! Teeth Whitening is a Great Gift
Posted on 06/11/2021

Is it your wedding anniversary? Is Father’s Day coming up? Your best friend’s birthday? Did your child recently graduate? Whatever the occasion, giving someone a teeth whitening treatment may just be the gift they never forget. At MaconSmiles, we ensure our patients are pleased with their Zoom! Teeth Whitening results. We love to see the smiles on our patient’s faces when they realize what a difference our treatments make.

1. It’s More Effective Than At-Home Whitening Treatments

There’s nothing more disappointing than applying an at-home whitening treatment, following the directions perfectly, and then not being pleased with the results. At-home kits are only able to work on the stains found on the surface of the tooth. Fortunately, with Zoom Whitening, you can guarantee visible and lasting results.

2. You Know You Are in Safe Hands

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Shah, has over 24 years of experience in dentistry. There is no at-home kit that can compare to years of practice and education. Our office has access to a professional-grade teeth whitening gel that can improve the appearance deep into the tooth enamel, breaking up deeper-rooted particles that often create stains and dark coloring.

3. Your Loved One Will Be More Confident

A gorgeous smile often elevates people’s moods, and some studies show that whiter teeth may even be correlated with more happiness and success. Giving your loved one a Zoom! Teeth Whitening Treatment could result in not only improved teeth but an improved life.

4. Their Gift Will Last Up to 2 Years

Zoom! Whitening often lasts more than a year, and results can even last up to 24 months under proper conditions. There is nothing wrong with giving your loved one flowers or a box of chocolates, but who wouldn’t want to receive a full two years of enhanced confidence? We’re sure your loved one will be overjoyed with their Zoom! Teeth Whitening service, making it one of their most memorable gifts.

Give the Gift of Confidence Today!

In addition to having one of the most experienced dentists in the North Macon, Georgia, area, we also have a welcoming, knowledgeable staff. With a team as strong as ours, we know we can give your loved one the best experience possible. Consider the gift of teeth whitening for your next special occasion. Contact us with any questions!

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