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Dental Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Dental Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make
Posted on 04/09/2023

Everyone experiences dental issues from time to time. Often those issues can be prevented by avoiding the common mistakes we mentioned in last month’s article. Remember, it’s always good to...

  • Brush correctly, up and down in little circular motions and gently, rather than “scrubbing.”
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and replace it every 3 to 4 months.
  • Brush all surfaces, including slightly under the gum line, plus the back sides of your teeth, and don’t forget your tongue!
  • Floss before you brush.

But what about some other dental mistakes that could ultimately cost you more than you realize?

Failing to Replace a Missing Tooth

There are many reasons people may not replace missing teeth. Among those are concerns about comfort and cost. But there are risks associated with not replacing a missing tooth, including:

  • Shifting bone structure in the jaw where the root was once located can cause your bite to become unbalanced.
  • Lack of support from neighboring teeth can allow the remaining teeth to shift.
  • Remaining healthy teeth are at added risk for damage as you may begin excessively using them to chew instead.
  • Gum disease and/or bone loss around the socket area puts remaining teeth at risk for loss.
  • Facial features may shift to appear “sunken in” without support from proper tooth structure.


Using Teeth as Tools

Your teeth ARE tools to help you eat, speak, and smile. But they ARE NOT tools for opening items when you can’t find the proper tool for the task. Teeth can easily be chipped or broken when attempting to use them in unwise ways.

Using Baking Soda as Toothpaste

Using baking soda as toothpaste is NOT a good idea. Baking soda is abrasive. Over time it can wear down the enamel on your teeth. It also does not contain the fluoride or antibacterial agents found in toothpaste, meaning it isn’t as effective at preventing cavities and gingivitis.

Skipping Dental Checkups

Sometimes making an appointment to see your dentist may seem inconvenient, especially when you believe there are no current concerns. However, many problems may not be readily visible or recognized until they become a larger issue. Preventative care received from dental professionals during checkup visits can head off greater concerns in the future. For example, without intervention, a tiny cavity now becomes a larger cavity later. This can cost you both comfort and time, as toothaches rarely occur at convenient hours. Cavities not quickly treated can lead to more costly treatments such as root canals and/or bridges and crowns. Maximizing the amount of healthy tooth structure saved is much easier when small issues are caught during routine exams. The frequency of dental checkups should be based on individual needs. While some people can get by twice per year, others may need to see their family dentist every three months, or even more often.

Don’t make these mentioned dental mistakes. They can be painful, embarrassing, and expensive. Taking cautionary measures now can help prevent each of them from becoming a bigger issue for you or your family. Contact our experts at Macon Smiles today to avoid making dental mistakes.

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