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Posted on 08/10/2023

Worried about bad breath? Are you concerned and unsure whether mints, gum, and toothpaste are helping to cover your mouth odor? You aren’t alone. According to online sources, roughly 30% of the population complains of some sort of bad breath. In fact, just about everyone experiences bad breath from time to time. Maybe you’ve just awoken and have “morning breath,” or perhaps you had garlic or onions in your lunch, creating a temporary bad breath situation. Maybe coffee, alcoholic drinks, or tobacco smoking are the bad breath culprits of the moment. But, for some people, halitosis – the Latin word for “bad breath”, maybe a daily struggle.

Need a quick test? Thanks to nature, simply blowing into your hand may not be enough to smell your own breath. Instead, privately lick your clean wrist. Once your saliva dries, take a sniff. Chances are, if it smells bad, so does your breath. Still, sometimes people don't realize they suffer from halitosis. If you're worried you have bad breath, but just aren't sure, seek a trusted opinion. While it may be rather confidence-shattering to discover your breath is offensive, thank any brave close relative, friend, or coworker who informs you, and then do something about it.

Halitosis results from sulphur-producing bacteria that form on the teeth, tongue, and throat. Tests can be done to confirm the presence of halitosis by measuring the strength of bad breath on a predefined scale, and by using instruments to detect specific compounds related to halitosis. Malodor intensity can be assessed by smelling the air a person breathes through their nose or mouth, or from odors of a tongue scraping, a length of dental floss, or from a dental appliance such as a night guard.

Please, don't be embarrassed to discuss your concerns with your dentist in Macon. They care about you and your overall health. A good family dentist can work closely with your preferred health professional to rule out potential medical issues, such as advanced liver or kidney disease and uncontrolled diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, tonsillitis, or respiratory infections like sinusitis or bronchitis, which may also cause bad breath in a small number of cases. Generally, persons with such issues are likely to experience significant symptoms beyond bad breath, and medical assistance may be needed. Regardless, any treatment must depend on the underlying cause.

While it’s not always the case, the leading cause of bad breath is generally poor oral hygiene. When you don’t regularly clean your mouth, food particles that remain can create a sticky buildup of bacteria known as plaque. As mentioned, it is bacteria on the teeth, tongue, and throat that typically causes bad breath. Gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, and dry mouth (a condition where salivary glands don’t make enough saliva to keep your mouth moist) are often contributors as well. A visit with a local dentist can help with such issues, identify the source of the problem, and offer solutions.

There is truly no need to suffer from questionable bad breath issues when they can be so easily resolved. Make an appointment today with MaconSmiles to gain the confidence of knowing your breath is fresh. You'll be glad you did and others may be too!

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