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Your local Macon dentist, Dr. Shah, and her wonderful team make every effort to ensure that your dental visit is free of stress and full of comfort. Here, at MaconSmiles your laser and cosmetic dentist offers an assortment of dental services:

  • Early dental care

  • Teeth whitening

  • Laser dentistry

  • Dentures, veneers & more!

We not only provide our patients with a variety of options, we also make sure that each patient is well informed on the procedure that we are recommending. Read on to learn more about general treatment at your Macon, GA dental practice!

What is General Dentistry?

The general dental services that Dr. Shah offers include procedures with the following common goals:

  • To help you to preserve your natural teeth as long as possible

  • To ensure your oral health

  • To keep you looking and feeling great throughout life

As an essential component of general health, oral health is important to maintain. By maintaining the health of your teeth, gums and other oral tissues, you can prevent common oral infections and serious general health conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

Starting early will encourage health-promoting habits. Even toddlers can benefit from a trip to the dentist's office to be examined for early signs of tooth decay. Every stage of life carries with it particular oral health concerns, and it’s our team’s goal to address every one of them.

What qualifications should I look for in a general dentist?

Dr. Shah completed a four-year dental school program and then took a rigorous exam to become licensed to practice in the state of Georgia. She continues to periodically take continuing education courses to stay abreast of new research and technology.

When should I visit the dentist?

Many people wait to see their dentist until they are in pain, which is truly a shame. They are not only missing out on so many preventive services that save discomfort, but they are also missing out on saving on expenses. By visiting MaconSmiles on a regular basis, you will be making sure that oral health problems, such as tooth decay to oral cancer, are detected and treated in a timely manner. Sometimes patients may need to see Dr. Shah more often than others to stay on top of problems like plaque buildup and gum disease; however, we recommend that everyone visit us at least once a year.

What happens during a dental visit?

Your regular dental visits will include the following procedures:

  • A thorough oral exam to check the health of your teeth and gums

  • Oral cancer screening to spot any suspicious signs early

  • A professional cleaning to remove stubborn deposits and make your teeth look and feel great

So don't miss out on the many benefits our dentist Dr. Shah can offer to you and your family!

What are some general dentistry procedures?

MaconSmiles offers a wide range of general dental services to make sure your teeth stay healthy, function well and look great. These procedures include:

  • Cleanings and Oral Exams keep your teeth and gums healthy and catch early signs of dental disease.

  • Crowns and Bridgework replace lost tooth structure and/or missing teeth.

  • Extractions remove unhealthy teeth that cannot be saved.

  • Fillings restore decayed teeth.

  • Oral Cancer Screenings detect a dangerous disease that can be cured if caught early.

  • Orthodontics gives you the straight teeth you've always dreamed of.

  • Removable Dentures help you smile confidently again.

  • Root Canal Treatment rescues diseased teeth.

  • Sealants prevent cavities.

  • TMD Treatment is for pain in the jaw area that may interfere with biting and chewing.

  • Tooth Decay Prevention helps you keep your natural teeth as long as possible!

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Dr. Shah and her team thank you for choosing MaconSmiles. We fully understand the importance of having a beautiful smile and optimal health, and we encourage you to contact us at (478) 757-8714 with any further questions or to schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Shah. Our convenient location in Macon, GA allows us to serve the surrounding communities of Forsyth, Lizella and more. We look forward to welcoming you to our MaconSmiles family!

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