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Tips For A Tooth-Safe Spooktacular Halloween
Posted on 10/24/2016

Tips For A Tooth-Safe Spooktacular Halloween

macon---halloween-candy.jpgThe vampires, the ghouls, the warlocks, the ghosts, the witches, the wizards, and the zombies, among others, come crawling out on Halloween. This holiday is usually a crowd-favorite and can be quite fun for kids and adults! Though we typically advocate for a very limited sugar load, we understand that this rule often gets broken on Halloween. With this, we want to prepare you with some tooth-safe candies for Halloween.

Tooth-Friendly Candies For Halloween

  1. Soft cookies - Soft cookies are great fun to bake and eat! You can also have a Halloween sugar cookie decorating party, or just buy Halloween themed cookies from the store.

  2. Ice cream - Ice cream is a great alternative and provides you with a wide variety, so you’re sure to find a flavor you like

  3. Solid chocolate (milk, dark, or white) - Just make sure the chocolate is not too cold, frozen, or otherwise terribly hard.

  4. Soft nougat-filled candy bars - Three Musketeers, are a great readily available candy this Halloween season.

  5. Powdered candy - Once again, soft is the main goal. Some examples include Pixi Stix, or Fun Dip (but be sure to have the stick be soft prior to biting it).

Healthier, Less Sugary Alternatives

  1. Jello - Jello is soft and comes in a wide variety of flavors, which is great for finding which satisfies you the most!

  2. Chocolate milk - Chocolate milk is a great source for protein and can ensure muscle growth after a long workout (such as a long night of trick-or-treating).

  3. Muffins - Muffins can be made with fruits and are soft enough for those with braces. Check out this healthy oatmeal pumpkin muffin recipe.

As mentioned, we typically don’t advocate the consumption of sugary foods, but we understand you’ll want to have a spookily-delicious and safe Halloween in Macon, GA. After these sugary treats, it’s imperative to brush your teeth and floss thoroughly. Read our prevention page today to understand how to take proper care of your teeth. Also, please only consume a limited amount of these items and don’t continue to eat these items throughout the year.

Contact Macon Smiles For A Post-Halloween Appointment!

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