Zoom! Teeth Whitening


People around the world list their stained teeth as one thing they'd like to change. Luckily, Macon Smiles has a cosmetic dentistry option to help you get the pearly whites you keep imagining when you look in the mirror. Our Dr. Shah provides Zoom! Teeth Whitening services in a comfortable, friendly and professional environment.

Benefits of Whiter Teeth 

Most people imagine a whiter smile to feel more attractive, but teeth whitening offers several other advantages as well. More attractive teeth leave you with more confidence, and that confidence will show through when you smile and laugh more than you did before. Combine the bright smile and the self-esteem and you'll begin to look more youthful. Some experts even believe that a whiter smile contributes to more success in the workplace and going into a job interview with whiter teeth can't hurt!

What is the Zoom! Whitening System?

The Zoom! Whitening System is an easy-to-use yet professional-grade whitening system. During your appointment, you'll relax while we apply a whitening gel with up to 25 percent hydrogen peroxide. Once applied, we'll turn on the Zoom! lamp. The lamp activates the hydrogen peroxide in the gel, which then makes its way into your tooth enamel. Just 45 minutes later, you'll see a smile up to eight times brighter.

Benefits of In-Office Whitening Treatments

Some people wonder why they can't just use at-home whitening treatments; simply put, at-home treatments aren't as high in quality. Our in-office treatment means you'll be less likely to experience sensitive teeth and gums since we provide a tray custom-made to fit your mouth. Additionally, we use a higher percentage of hydrogen peroxide that is available over the counter, meaning you'll see better results when you come to us. The biggest benefit is working with an expert in cosmetic dentistry. Using over the counter simply will not be as effective or be as fast as going into our cosmetic dentistry practice in Macon.

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Are you ready to feel more confident in your appearance? Do you simply want to remove the proof that you enjoy black coffee and red wine? Let MaconSmiles help you create the beautiful teeth that you deserve. Contact us for more information about teeth whitening in Macon, Georgia. Don't forget to ask us about the wide variety of other services we provide as well!