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  A picture of a patient with her new dentures.
"What I admire about Dr. Shah's dental practice is that the staff is welcoming, friendly, and professional. ..What I personally admire about Dr. Shah is she is a dedicated dentist and very conscientious in satisfying her patient. She has given me full attention in the proper fit with my dentures."

Jean Boyd
Macon, GA
actual patient

When you are missing a tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth, it’s common to feel self-conscious about your appearance. Beyond this, missing teeth can have a dramatic impact on your speech and overall dental health. At Macon Smiles, we want you to have the best smile you possibly can, which is why we offer dentures to enhance your smile. Our dentists in Macon offer both full dentures or partial dentures. Each of these options is entirely removable and allow you to maintain them with ease.

How Dentures Work

Dentures are held in place by suction and adhesion of the denture material against the gum tissues, as well as the muscles of the cheeks, lips, and tongue. Adhesive pastes help with mild looseness. Increased looseness is corrected by relining the dentures, which is a procedure performed by your Macon dentist. Persistent looseness can be corrected by implants.

These implants allow the dentures to stay in place with ease and allow the patient to easily remove the dentures for maintenance, yet provide a secure placement so the dentures don’t fall out. Partial dentures are usually secured by using the teeth around them to hold them in place with an archwire. These also provide ease with removal, but also stability for chewing and eating. Visit your dentist in the Macon or Forsyth area to learn more about how dentures will work for you.

How Soon Can I Get Dentures?

If tooth replacement is a priority for you, we provide immediate dentures as a “quick fix.” However, these dentures are meant to only hold you over until your well-fitted, permanent dentures come in. Upon teeth removal, immediate dentures will be made until healing is complete—it’s important to note that these likely will not be as comfortable as permanent dentures. Once the patient’s mouth has healed from teeth removal, permanent dentures can be formed. These will be much more comfortable than the immediate dentures. Your Macon dentist can give you more information about both immediate and permanent dentures.

Do Dentures Hurt?

Typically dentures do not hurt. In fact, dentures typically yield great benefits as a tooth replacement option for patients. These benefits include eating, speaking, and a self-esteem boost, which can all have a dramatic effect on the overall health of a patient. Further, using dentures, it is common for patients to experience a transition period where they are getting accustomed to their new smile and may have difficulty at first speaking or eating. Nevertheless, we ensure our patients have a smooth transition with frequent check-ups with our experienced dentists in the Macon and Forsyth area.

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We strive to ensure you have the best smile you possibly can. In addition to dentures and tooth replacements, we offer a variety of other cosmetic dentistry options, as well. If you have any questions, contact our friendly staff or visit our office in the Macon and Forsyth area! You may also schedule an appointment online. We look forward to making you smile!

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