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Patient Receiving Laser TreatmentThe phrase “going to the dentist” can make many people nervous. At Macon Smiles, we understand this, which is why we offer laser dentistry near Forsyth for all ages. Our innovative laser technology makes getting necessary oral treatment easy for everyone.

Our Most Common Laser Procedures

Our cutting-edge laser technology allows us to efficiently and nearly painlessly complete numerous procedures that have previously uncomfortable to have to go through including:

  • Remove tooth decay: No more noisy, terrifying drills
  • Eradicate wisdom teeth surgery: Uncovers partially erupted teeth, thereby eliminating the need for an oral procedure that can be dramatically difficult
  • Remove diseased soft tissues without damaging healthy cells: A huge help in successfully treating gum disease
  • Easily obtain small samples of lesions or problem areas for biopsy:  Allows us to examine and diagnose the nature of mouth lesions or potential tumors 

Laser surgery is superior over traditional methods that require cutting and often result in soreness afterward. Our advanced laser procedures seal nerve endings and blood vessels, meaning patients have less swelling and pain than with standard surgical methods. The laser also reduces the chance of infection because it delivers a clean procedure and finish.

We are proud of our pioneering laser techniques, in addition to the regular oral hygiene we teach patients to prevent problems. We want to help everyone feel comfortable with quality family dentistry in Macon delivered, by our team led by Dr. Sheila Shah.

Other Dental Procedures

Sometimes our patients want a whiter smile.

Which is why we provide or patients Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Forsyth to give people a brighter, whiter smile in a comfortable, painless procedure that only takes about 45 minutes. First, we apply hydrogen peroxide-based gel on your teeth then turn on our Zoom lamp to activate the hydrogen peroxide and allow it to penetrate the surface of your tooth enamel to remove discoloration and stains. This treatment can make teeth as many as eight shades whiter.

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Let us make fearing the dentist a thing of the past. Trust Dr. Sheila Shah and everyone at Macon Smiles to make you feel comfortable and cared for so you can get the oral treatment you need. Contact us by phone at 478-757-8714 or use our convenient online form to request an appointment.

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