Cheers! For 20 Years

Cheers For 20 Years Cover 

Back in June of 1996, Dr. Shah purchased the Macon Smiles dental practice.  Since then, her and her staff have been proud to be a part of the Macon community, filled with wonderful people that we get to work with in our mission to make brighter, healthier smiles.  With 20 years behind us, we want to take a moment to put a spotlight on the patients that have been with us all this way.  Cheers for 20 years everyone!

Cheers T.J.!

Meet our patient & friend, T. J.  It's a true joy sharing the years with T.J., his wife, and growing-up-too-fast daughters!


Cheers Lynn!

After Dr. Shah bought this dental practice, she walked right into taking over a smile make-over. Lynn was awesome and still is!


Cheers Derek!

Meet Derek, owner of LithoPress,Inc. Our printer extraordinaire! Happy to have you as a patient all this time.


Cheers Karen!

Hug a dentist! It's a fabulous Friday today at MaconSmiles! We love Karen and her family! It's been an amazing 20 years.


Cheers Peaches!

Thank you so much, Peaches, for being such an amazing patient over these past 20 years. Cheers to you!