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Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases only second to the common cold. When left untreated, tooth decay can lead to pain, tooth loss and even serious illnesses. The good news is, it’s avoidable and working together with Dr. Shah, you can help prevent tooth decay from doing harm to your teeth or the teeth of your loved ones. Help prevent tooth decay by:

  • Brushing your teeth twice daily

  • Flossing once per day

  • Maintaining a healthy diet

  • Visiting your Macon Smiles for regular cleanings & checkups

While there is no one thing that can magically prevent tooth decay, fighting tooth decay should be looked at as a process of preventative maintenance. With proper care, your natural teeth can last you for the rest of your life.

How We Help Fight Tooth Decay

tooth-caries-balance-thumb.jpgWhen you schedule regular appointments with Macon Smiles, you will receive the following procedures:

  • A thorough oral exam to access the health of your mouth, teeth and gums

  • A professional cleaning using special tools to remove stubborn, harmful deposits on your teeth to help keep them healthy

With today's understanding of what causes tooth decay and how to effectively treat it, we can truly focus on decay prevention in your particular case. Factors we look at to help prevent tooth decay include:

  • Whether or not your diet is healthy

  • If your brushing technique is adequate

  • If you could benefit from additional preventative treatments

Additional Steps to Preventing Tooth Decay

sealant.jpgWhile maintaining good oral hygiene, getting adequate fluoride and maintaining a good diet is helpful in preventing tooth decay, some individuals are more prone to tooth decay than others and will therefore need extra help and guidance. If you are one of these individuals, we can show you how to properly brush your teeth and recommend a few steps you can take at home like using special toothpastes and rinses. We also may recommend in-office treatments like:

  • Topical fluoride applications

  • Anti-bacterial treatments

  • Dental sealant applications

Instead of thinking that tooth decay is inevitable and just a part of life, come in and ask us what we can do together to help prevent it from affecting you or your loved ones. Our dentist, Dr. Shah, is committed to helping her patients obtain healthy, long-lasting smiles, so visit our office located in the North Macon area.

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