tooth-decay.jpgAs your local family dentist in Macon, GA, the Macon Smiles family wants to remind you that a little bit of prevention can go a long way. Adopting a simple routine that covers all the bases for basic dental hygiene will go a long way toward preserving the gains you make with your cosmetic dentist.

Basic Prevention

Follow these steps daily to keep your mouth in optimum oral health.

  • Brush your teeth twice daily, for at least a full two minutes each time. Make sure you reach all the surfaces on every side of each tooth.

  • Floss once per day, and don’t be discouraged if dental floss is a challenge. Disposable flossers and other alternatives work just as well.

  • Maintain a healthy diet with low sugar intake, and brush immediately after sweet treats to minimize decay.

  • Use a clinically tested mouthwash to support a healthy gum line and help your regular brushing and flossing routine be more effective.

In addition to these daily steps, it’s essential to make regular appointments with your Macon Smiles dental team. These appointments will give you professional cleanings, provide you with an X-ray check-up, and inspect your mouth for any signs of tooth decay. Finding signs of early trouble is a great way to minimize problems by treating them before they become painful.

Advanced Protection and Prevention

Some patients have family histories of gum disease and excessive decay or other risk factors that make primary prevention less effective than expected. In these cases, working with a laser dentist in Macon to regularly treat symptoms as they come up is essential. As your local dentist in Macon, GA, we are dedicated to providing you with a range of prevention treatments and cosmetic options that help turn back the clock on serious dental issues to restore your smile to its best form. Some of these additional steps we take at our dental office  we can offer a few other in-office treatments like:

  • Topical fluoride – Fluoride is readily available in most water supplies; however, for some people who use well water or children who aren't getting enough fluoride, it's sometimes necessary to apply additional fluoride to teeth.

  • Anti-bacterial treatments – If Dr. Shah finds a bacterial infection of a tooth or the gums early, an anti-bacterial treatment can be conducted to help minimize the damage done from the infection.

  • Dental sealant applications – Dental sealants are a great way to protect the tops or crowns of teeth. A clear liquid is applied to the crown of the tooth that dries to a hardened shell like consistency that will prevent bacteria and food from getting stuck between the tooth's crevices.


Make Your Appointment With Macon Smiles Today

We work with patients to find the routine that works for them. If you need a little extra help above and beyond basic brushing and flossing, make an appointment to come in for a cleaning and consultation, and learn what you can do to keep your smile bright. You can contact us during regular business hours.