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Patient Receiving Laser TreatmentAt MaconSmiles, we understand that dental procedures can be frightening for many patients. To provide a comfortable, fear-free experience with little to no pain at all, we specialize in cutting edge Macon laser dentistry procedures.

What Procedures Are Possible With Laser Dentistry?

The latest in laser dentistry procedures involve a narrow beam of light energy that can be used for a variety of hard and soft tissue procedures. Through this innovative process, we are able to:

  • Painlessly remove tooth decay

  • Remove diseased soft tissues, such as gum disease, while leaving healthy tissue intact

  • Uncover partially erupted wisdom teeth without the need for surgery

  • Obtain small biopsy samples to test for lesions or potential tumors

Laser dentistry eliminates the need for the cutting, sewing, and bleeding that is often a result of traditional dental procedures. This results in less pain and swelling after laser surgery. The laser seals blood vessels and nerve endings for a cleaner procedure that greatly reduces the risk of infection.

Discover the Laser Advantage Today

Dr. Sheila Shah is dedicated to increasing patient comfort and satisfaction while relieving the fear and anxiety that many people feel when visiting the dentist. To find out more about how Macon laser dentistry can improve your dental health and give you a beautiful smile, give MaconSmiles a call today at (800) 242-0505 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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